Everything You Need to Know about Damascus City

Damascus is located in beautiful upper Montgomery County, strategically yet comfortably situated within the prosperous Baltimore — Washington — Frederick triangle.
We are within one hour’s drive of Washington’s Reagan- National, Dulles International, or Baltimore/Washington International airports, as well as one hour from Amtrak’s Baltimore and Washington stations.

Our town is a pleasing, pleasant blend of modern suburban and traditional rural areas, with beautiful farms and an eclectic mix of residential developments. As you approach Damascus from any direction you may well see horses, cows and sheep grazing.

Every spring colorfully vibrant azaleas bloom in profusion, aided and abetted by pink and white dogwoods, delicately petaled cherry trees, and chiffon-clad Bradford pear trees.

Tulips, phlox and daffodils grace many flowerbeds. In summer the Silver Queen corn grows tall, while on crisp autumn days bright orange pumpkins dot the fields or are stacked high by local farmers’ wayside markets.

The people of Damascus are united by a strong sense of community. This is reflected in the way we keep our homes, our strong support of our public schools, and our long dedication to a full spectrum of religious denominations. Our common goal is to welcome all visitors and newcomers to our town with courtesy and respect.

In such a setting the Rotary Club of Damascus is proud to be a strong Damascus community presence.