Rotary Clubs and Membership – How to Promote Your Rotary Club by Using Social Networking

Rotary is an international service organization that helps people in a variety of ways. This group’s existence is dependent on continuing to bring in new members to carry on the work that began one hundred years ago when Rotary was formed. Rotary membership can be increased by using the social networking sites to let people know who you are and what you are doing.

You can start an account on Twitter with the name of your city’s club. Then you can tweet information about the projects your club is involved with so that all of your followers know what you are doing. This may encourage people to join and become involved in their own way. You can also invite other Twitter users to attend your meetings. I have even found some fantastic guest speakers for my club by asking people there if they would like to speak.

Facebook can also be utilized to increase club membership. You can start a group and invite Rotarians from other clubs in your district to join. This will bring more awareness and attention to the good work done by this organization. You can also create an event on Facebook and invite people to attend to find out more about what your club is involved in, both in the community and worldwide.

You will also want to include information about your Rotary membership in your profile on sites such as LinkedIn. Rotarians love to do business with other Rotarians, so make it easy for people to find out you are part of the group. Your club, as well as the entire organization, will benefit from being involved with social networking.

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