Strategies For Essay Writing

What is the difference between a be green SE versus and angry as in which everyone here this room is perfectly capable right we’ll be looking at those differences right and then to come to paragraph now you come to paragraph again is remember comprising those crucial plots that would mention you need to anticipate what others are doing to see it gives you and then be back then yeah it  like fencing yeah you are going to see that covenant that classes come forward and then you can say okay I am gonna Josh they I am going to the price another right sudden movement forward in order to spring my attack.

So it  very important that you you anticipate all these responses and your conclusion now the conclusion is usually a segment that many people you know and many people think that oh let  just be done with it one sentence in Miami what it  just a conclusion journey you know is what more can we say I don’t know what to buy touch I don’t know I don’t know I said now these are very very legitimate responses in but not with that but I am telling you that we can be forget we don’t have to be stuck in the exam or not knowing you want to ride for five minutes there are five minutes in terms of what to say right now our conclusions because the answer they are perfectly doable strategies they are profitable strategies first practice and finally editing now notice I haven’t end up with the idea of the conclusion I end up with editing so what is it about editing yeah which means that in the last five minutes on the exam you really shouldn’t be you.

Don’t finish a copy of a sentence for sale even though that  what we normally it  how you put it what we are doing is we have to focus on how to improve the Manucci that the little details of our expression so we are making sure that has a great students we are not going to commit right I notice I do somewhat commit as if it was sin right then you are not going to make any errors yeah as far as possible in terms of peace expanding in grammar that is above us yeah what we are looking at is expression we are going to be looking at speaking with such fluency s and eloquence as to command a cent right so it is so important that we have to eat in that level of agreement yeah with the reader simply through the sheer and it was of our expression right and as I argue right these are not skills that oh yeah this person he speaks so well is because he born like that you can use English very good there you go so I can’t quite decide that that is not the attitude and by the way you might have hurt these sentiments yourself right see amongst your classmates right he  my echoes that resonate of shame your consciousness and say no okay yeah you are perfectly capable it  just a matter of practicing of drilling in those a one word words for instance and using them appropriately rather than ostentatious.