Unexpected Ways Robot Don Can Make Your Life Bette

Robot Don Focus Corrector will guide the corrector, asking questions about the essay on display. After the student evaluates his work (or the work of another student), he makes a judgment, which takes the form of four possible buttons at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on a button will give the student a score from 4 to 10 points, depending on the button selected for the question. The points are accumulated and at the end of the session, a score is given based upon these judgments. These scores can be modified on second consideration or locked as a final evaluation. Correctors can offer their own comments, and the entire report can be printed on screen or on paper for the student to use as a reference for future writing.

Program Feature List

–Easy interactive interface
–Alternate menu and toolbar options
–Open Text Files that can be created in most word processors and all text editors (Microsoft Notepad, for example)
–Save options
–Running score kept on screen and in reports
–Security lock essay feature
–Print essay feature
–Print reports on screen and printer
–On-Line Dictionary
–Colorful tool buttons
–Corrector identification
–Corrector notes
–Spell check in real time
–Easy-to-Use Question Navigation
–10 Built-in questions for composition analysis
–Create your own 10 questions to use in place of our built-in
–Question markers for easier navigation
–Works on individual machines or on a network
–Teacher’s work load cut down
–Save paper and supplies
–Students can work alone to evaluate their work or with partners
–New Help system

This Create Your Own Writing Prompts Bundle includes 20 Writing Prompts of your choice (listed below). Once you purchase this bundle, you will download an order form to complete. You will also get an email address of where to send the completed form. On the order form, you will need to provide an email address for the delivery of your resources, and your username for verification purposes. Once you fill out the order form and email it to me, I will send you the bundle you have created.

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