Defining Body Of The Essay

We will start with the first paragraph the introduction before we go too far let’s make sure you understand the definition of the terms I’m going to use I already explained to you what the thesis or the thesis statement is the thesis will go exactly as it is written in the introduction paragraph I usually make it the second to last sentence in the introduction parent another thing in the introduction paragraph is called the topic sentence this comes after the thesis usually at the end of the introduction and makes a brief list of the points that you will make in the body of the essay since we have three paragraphs to fill and we did our research and found three points with evidence to support our thesis this topic sentence will basically sum up these three points. Learn more about stating points in your work on Edusson.

It’s a way of getting the reader ready for the argument you are about to make in the body I’m going to show you a visual of what I mean by using sample essay 1 you know the one that claims Obamacare is a failure see the first paragraph up on the screen now see in yellow I highlighted the thesis statement and here in green is the topic sentence notice how it covers all three topics this is because Obamacare did not decrease medical errors did not improve health equity it did not expand access to medical care permanently to vulnerable citizens see we introduced all three points in the topic sentence if you are wondering about the first sentence which is white and doesn’t have a name I just call that fluff you kind of need some fluff here and there the fluff and the introduction eases the reader into the essay since your assignment is to make an essay of 400 to 600 words you have a little wiggle room to add some fluff here and there okay now that you know about the introduction let’s move on to the three paragraph body.

But first let’s start with defining some terms that we’ll use to talk about the body part of the essay first let’s talk about what a transition sentence is the word transition means to go from one place or state of being to another like you might transition in your career from being a flora nurse to being a supervisor so we need a transition sentence that moves us from the ideas in the last paragraph to ideas in the new paragraph transition sentences start with a transition word let’s look at some transition words here we have a lovely array of transition words or phrases we can use at the beginning of a transition sentence on the left of the slide you will see transition words with numbers in them like first of all secondly and so on if you choose to use these make sure you know how to count if you say thirdly on the first paragraph I’m sorry that is a very confusing transition so these are good ones but you have to make sure that the number transition you use lines up with the paragraph where you are using it.